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Balancing Passion and Purpose: Innovative Approach to Leadership with Hammad Khan

Hammad Khan smiles warmly in a professional setting, symbolizing empathetic leadership. His appearance on the JOH Partners podcast emphasizes the importance of empathy in connecting organizational goals with audience needs.

In this episode Join us in this episode of the Leadership Blueprint podcast as we explore the career journey of Hammad Khan – starting his corporate life working in user experience and program management within firms like Ernst & Young and recently served as the Managing Director at Wipro. He has now ventured out to […]

You need to want to go that extra mile: From Vision to Action with Gary Hubbard

Portrait of Gary Hubbard, a middle-aged Caucasian man with light brown hair, smiling confidently in a navy blue pinstripe suit and light purple tie, representing dedication and leadership on JOH Partners' podcast.

In this episode Explore leadership with Gary Hubbard, Senior VP at The Biofuel Company in Saudi Arabia, on the Leadership Blueprint podcast. Discover his journey from supply chain logistics to driving zero biofuels production, and his commitment to sustainability. Learn about the founding story of the Biofuels company, now a major producer of European compliance […]

Don’t Be Afraid to Have a Voice: Leadership Insights for Growth and Success with Peppy Dosanjh

A confident, smiling man with a beard, wearing a dark suit and white shirt, arms crossed, representing leadership and success as discussed on JOH Partners' podcast with Peppy Dosanjh.

In this episode In a recent episode of the Leadership Blueprint podcast, Peppy shared valuable insights and advice for aspiring leaders navigating the complexities of human resources, leadership transformation, and change management. Peppy’s unique background includes neurolinguistic programming, psychology, and Six Sigma certification, providing a rich perspective on leadership and transformation. His journey reflects a […]

Chances and Opportunities Insights from Barry Dekkers

Barry Dekkers, founder of Eye4Storage, dressed in a professional blue suit, shares his expertise on recognizing chances and opportunities in the latest JOH Partners Podcast.

In this episode In this thought-provoking episode, we delve into the world of leadership experiences and valuable lessons. Our guest, Barry Dekkers – Founder of Eye4Storage, shares his journey, from the corporate world with leading multinationals in the Freight Forwarding industry across Europe and the Middle East to now being the founder of Eye4Storage. Whether […]

Building Trust in Teams: Leadership Lessons from Nicolai Friis, CEO

Nicolai Friis, CEO, sporting a confident smile and a business suit, discusses team trust and leadership on the JOH Partners Podcast.

In this episode In the latest episode of the Leadership Blueprint Podcast we sit down with Nicolai Friis, CEO of the International Ports and Harbor Services for the Adani Group based in Dubai. In this engaging discussion, Nicolai shares his personal insights on leadership and offers valuable advice on balancing work and family life, managing […]

Creating a Culture of Trust: Insights from Christian Nyholm

Christian Nyholm, in business attire, sits in an office, representing strategic leadership and organizational trust, themes discussed by JOH Partners.

In this episode In this thought-provoking episode, we delve into the world of leadership experiences and valuable lessons. Our guest, Christian Nyholm, an Advisor – Strategy, organization and leadership, shares his journey, from transitioning from a team manager to a leader of leaders, to the importance of fostering a proactive mindset and avoiding a risk-averse […]