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Never Box Yourself In: Unlock Your Leadership Potential, Think Beyond Limits with Farooq Shaikh

In this episode

In the latest episode of the Leadership Blueprint Podcast, we sit down with Farooq Shaikh, CEO of LogiPoint. to share insights on digital transformation and innovation leadership within the Middle East across various industries. He discusses his career journey and diverse roles in countries like Pakistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

LogiPoint, under Farooq’s leadership, has become a prominent logistics and real estate developer in Saudi Arabia, focusing on providing top-notch infrastructure and supporting the Vision 2030 program. Farooq emphasizes the importance of collaboration and change management within the organization to drive growth and success in the rapidly evolving business landscape.

In this episode, Farooq underscores the significance of digital transformation and technology adoption in enhancing operational efficiency and customer service. He advises future leaders to avoid restricting themselves to a single specialty, embrace technology, and prioritize soft skills like decision-making and adaptability for sustainable business growth.

Looking towards the future, Farooq predicts continued growth in Saudi Arabia post-Vision 2030, particularly in areas such as tourism and infrastructure development. He encourages listeners to set clear goals, learn from experiences, and make timely decisions to drive personal and professional growth.

In terms of work-life balance, Farooq emphasizes the support of family and effective time management as crucial aspects of balancing work commitments with personal life. He reflects on his career experiences and advises listeners to commit to their goals, learn from failures, and make the most of their time for personal and professional development.

Sound bites

▶️ “Don’t box yourself into one kind of specialty. Don’t say you are a finance person, IT person, or an engineer only. Embrace technology and understand different aspects of business.”

▶️ “Adaptability and resilience are crucial in a changing environment. Understand why we are changing and adjust accordingly.”

▶️ “Commit to your goals, learn from failures, and make timely decisions. Make the most of your time for personal and professional growth.”

Advice for future leaders

▶️ Avoid Boxing Yourself In: Future leaders should not limit themselves to one specialty and instead embrace a diverse skill set that includes technology, decision-making, and adaptability.

▶️ Embrace Technology: It is crucial for future leaders to understand and leverage technology to drive innovation and success in their organizations.

▶️ Prioritize Adaptability and Resilience: Being adaptable to change and resilient in uncertain environments are essential qualities for effective leadership.

▶️ Commit to Goals and Embrace Change: Future leaders should commit to their goals, embrace change, and be willing to pivot when necessary to achieve success.

▶️ Value Time: Time is a precious resource, and future leaders should not wait for the perfect moment but instead take action and make progress towards their goals.

Farooq’s advice underscores the importance of continuous learning, flexibility, and proactive decision-making for aspiring leaders in today’s dynamic business environment.

About Farooq

Farooq Shaikh, is the CEO of Logi Point, a leading logistics and real estate developer in Saudi Arabia. With over 20+ years of experience, he has embarked on a successful career journey that includes roles in various countries such as Pakistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

Farooq’s career highlights include overseeing major projects in the Container Terminal industry and leading LogiPoint’s growth in the logistics and real estate sector. Farooq’s strategic vision and commitment to innovation have positioned him as a key figure in driving growth and transformation within the Middle East industries.

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