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Our Vision 


JOH Partners uses industry insights and data solutions to identify the talent you need fast to gain that competitive advantage.

In a world filled with transactional interactions, we choose to stand apart. Our mission isn’t just to be another recruitment agency; it’s to change the very dynamics of recruitment itself. We believe that in the vast ocean of talent, finding the right match is more than ticking boxes on a checklist. It’s about aligning purpose, passion, and possibility.

For us, recruitment is not just about filling vacancies; it’s a partnership. This extends beyond the conventional client-service provider relationship. We deeply engage with your unique challenges and aspirations, crafting tailored solutions that transform recruitment from a process into a fulfilling experience.

In a world driven by data and analytics, we bring the human touch back into recruitment. Our proprietary seven-step process is meticulously designed to go beyond the resume, focusing on a holistic 10-step assessment that ensures each placement is not just a fit, but the right fit. Our embrace of cutting-edge technology adds an unparalleled layer of transparency and efficiency to the process.

Our track record speaks volumes. An 82% CV-to-interview rate and the fact that 94% of our placements remain with their respective companies are not just metrics. They underscore our commitment to long-term relationships and success.

We’re all about sparking dialogue and building a community. Whether our approach resonates with you or provokes a different viewpoint, we’re open to discussion and continuously eager to evolve.

Our Services

A Venn diagram displaying the fusion of Process, Systems, and Team Values, central to JOH Partners' recruitment excellence.

Retained Solutions

Created for those who seek a deeply consultative approach to recruitment.

Contingent Solutions

Perfect for businesses looking for nimble, flexible recruitment options.

Project Work

Tailor-made solutions for those high-impact, mission-critical projects.


We go beyond the job description, offering avenues for real career growth and personal development.

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