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Building Trust in Teams: Leadership Lessons from Nicolai Friis, CEO

Nicolai Friis, CEO, sporting a confident smile and a business suit, discusses team trust and leadership on the JOH Partners Podcast.

In this episode

In the latest episode of the Leadership Blueprint Podcast we sit down with Nicolai Friis, CEO of the International Ports and Harbor Services for the Adani Group based in Dubai. In this engaging discussion, Nicolai shares his personal insights on leadership and offers valuable advice on balancing work and family life, managing stressful situations, and prioritizing employee engagement.

Discover the key principles of effective leadership as Nicolai delves into the importance of defining purpose, fostering open communication, and learning from challenges. Gain valuable insights on running a successful business, with a focus on prioritizing employees, maintaining authenticity, and embracing transformation. Explore the significance of regional culture and emotional connections in business interactions, and learn how to navigate the tipping point for success as a leader.

From actionable tips on employee engagement to lessons learned from overcoming challenges, this podcast episode offers a wealth of knowledge for aspiring and seasoned leaders alike. Join Oliver and Nicolai as they explore the essential elements of successful leadership and uncover the golden rule that guides Nicolai in his journey as a CEO. Tune in to gain valuable leadership insights and practical advice for driving growth and innovation in your organization.

Sound bites

▶️”Employees are the number one priority in any business. Take away your ego and focus on your employees; they are absolutely number one.”

▶️”It’s about your team around you, not just yourself. Reexamine your leadership priorities and set yourself up for success by empowering those around you.”

▶️”The key to success lies in finding the rose petals in a pile of dirt. Focus on the positives, inspire others, and lead by example to bring out the best in everyone.”

Advice for future leaders

Nicolai Friis advice for future leaders centers around prioritizing employees, maintaining authenticity, and embracing transformation. He emphasizes the importance of creating a culture of openness, focusing on team priorities, and finding positivity amidst challenges.

By prioritizing employee engagement, fostering open communication, and staying true to oneself, future leaders can drive growth, innovation, and success in their organizations.

About Nicolai

Nicolai Friis is married to Tanja and the father of two teenagers who both grew up here in Dubai. Nicolai is a highly driven personality who enjoys new challenges and learning new skills which is a huge part of his life. Professionally he describes himself as a turnaround strategist, a people leader, a glass always half empty and always striving for more, more and more person.

Nicolai’s wife describes him as an Extremely goal-focussed personality who never backs down from a challenge whether it is taking up a new hobby, educating himself, or seeing something that we want to acquire as new knowledge.

What she is most proud of is that Nicolai is a “human” thought leader who sees and senses more than most people which is a quality of leading personally as well as professionally.

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