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Leadership is not an authority – it’s an inspiration: The Core of Effective Leadership with Hussein Wehbe

Portrait of Hussein Wehbe smiling confidently in a professional setting, representing effective leadership principles discussed in JOH Partners' podcast on managing workplace dynamics and career growth.

In this episode

Join us in this episode of Leadership Blueprint Podcast as we engage with Hussein, a prominent leader with extensive experience in logistics, advisory roles, and entrepreneurship. Hussein shares his 23-year career journey, highlighting his significant contributions at Aramex and UPS. He emphasizes the continuous nature of learning and the courage required to step out of one’s comfort zone. He explores the essence of leadership, advocating for servant leadership, empathy, and empowerment as critical elements of a thriving corporate culture.

Hussein provides practical advice on managing toxic bosses and navigating career transitions, underlining the importance of readiness and calculated risks. His tenure at Aramex and UPS reveals key lessons on corporate culture, leadership, and the significance of cross-departmental collaboration. Hussein also discusses future trends in logistics, including the potential of IoT and smart technologies to revolutionize the industry.

The conversation also touches on work-life balance, with Hussein offering insights into the challenges of maintaining this balance in the entrepreneurial world. He stresses the importance of financial stability while following one’s passion and the value of persistence in reaching long-term objectives. This episode is packed with actionable insights and inspiration for aspiring leaders.

Sound bites

▶️ “Leadership is not an authority – it’s an inspiration”

▶️ “If you ever think that you know everything, then you’re mistaken. Learning is a continuous process”

▶️ “A good culture will never be in place if you don’t have a proper leadership layer up there”

Advice for future leaders

▶️ Continuous Learning: Hussein emphasizes that learning is a continuous process, regardless of whether you are in a corporate or entrepreneurial setting. Stay open to new experiences and knowledge, and never assume you know everything.

▶️ Leadership Qualities: Leadership is about inspiration, not authority. It is not defined by titles but by actions and attitudes. Servant leadership and empathy are crucial for effective leadership. Good leaders empower their teams, foster a sense of belonging, and ensure flexibility in decision-making.

▶️ Corporate Culture: A strong corporate culture with shared values is essential for organizational success. Aligning individual and departmental goals with the company’s mission and vision is critical. Breaking down silos and ensuring cross-departmental collaboration enhances overall performance.

About Hussein

Hussein Wehbe is a distinguished leader with over 23 years of extensive experience in logistics, advisory roles, and entrepreneurship. He has held pivotal roles in renowned companies such as Aramex and UPS, where he managed significant operational and strategic initiatives across the Middle East. Currently, Hussein serves as a key advisor and board member for several organizations, leveraging his rich background to drive growth and innovation across various sectors.

At Aramex, Hussein’s career spanned over 16 years, where he rose from a Sales Account Manager to Regional CEO for the Gulf Region. His tenure at UPS as Managing Director for the Middle East further solidified his expertise in managing large-scale operations and strategic planning. Hussein also served as an advisor to the UAE Prime Minister’s Office, contributing to federal government services and enhancing public-private sector collaboration.

Hussein is a passionate public speaker, TEDx speaker, and honorary professor at Amity University Dubai. He actively mentors startups and is involved in various advisory boards, including the University of Sharjah and UVL Robotics. Specializing in empowering teams, fostering positive corporate culture, and navigating complex transformations, Hussein emphasizes servant leadership, empathy, and continuous learning. His vision includes integrating smart technologies and IoT in logistics to enhance industry efficiency and innovation. Hussein’s insights and leadership have left a lasting impact on organizations and individuals alike, making him a sought-after advisor and speaker in the region.

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