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Balancing Passion and Purpose: Innovative Approach to Leadership with Hammad Khan

Hammad Khan smiles warmly in a professional setting, symbolizing empathetic leadership. His appearance on the JOH Partners podcast emphasizes the importance of empathy in connecting organizational goals with audience needs.

In this episode

Join us in this episode of the Leadership Blueprint podcast as we explore the career journey of Hammad Khan – starting his corporate life working in user experience and program management within firms like Ernst & Young and recently served as the Managing Director at Wipro. He has now ventured out to start LYFE/x, a unique firm focused on designing a fulfilling life by integrating personal and professional growth.

Understand why building empathy between organizations and their audiences is key to successful leadership. Dive into Hammad’s latest venture, LYFE/x, which focuses on designing a fulfilling life by integrating personal and professional growth. Hammad emphasizes that it’s not just about following your passion but finding your place in the world and aligning it with your purpose. Explore Hammad’s visionary outlook on making AI and technology more human-centric and relevant in our lives, and get actionable strategies for managing the dualities of professional and personal life, and practical tips for aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs.

Hammad shares his experiences navigating internal dynamics and overcoming resistance within large organizations like EY and Wipro, along with practical advice on breaking down resistance to change and fostering innovation in any organization. Learn about Hamid’s groundbreaking work with government entities in the Middle East, often the biggest pioneers for innovation, and his approach to entering and succeeding in new markets, particularly in the Middle East.

Sound bites

▶️ “It’s not just about following your passion but finding your place in the world…”

▶️ “Building empathy between organizations and their audiences is key…”

▶️ “Be cognizant of how to manage the duality of professional and personal life…”

Advice for future leaders

▶️ Stay Adaptable and Open-Minded: Hammad underscores the significance of remaining adaptable, open-minded, and continuously learning new skills to effectively navigate challenges and foster innovation in various fields.

▶️ Incorporate Design Thinking Principles: Hammad highlights the value of incorporating design thinking principles into problem-solving and decision-making processes to drive innovation and create solutions that enhance the lives of those they serve.

▶️ Transform Environments with Creativity and Purpose: Hammad’s advice serves as a guiding light for emerging leaders seeking to transform their environments with creativity, empathy, and purpose. By designing solutions that enrich experiences and foster lasting connections, leaders can make a meaningful impact in their respective fields.

About Hammad

Hammad Khan is a visionary leader in the field of customer and employee experience design, bringing over two decades of expertise in advisory and entrepreneurial roles. His career is marked by a commitment to enhancing the way organizations interact with their stakeholders through innovative and sustainable practices. As the founder of LYFE/x, Hammad has spearheaded numerous ventures and consultancy projects, embedding new capabilities and humanizing technology across various touchpoints. His tenure as Managing Director at Wipro saw him leading design and innovation initiatives in the Middle East and Africa.

In addition to his industry roles, Hammad has contributed to academia as an adjunct lecturer at the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation, where he developed the region’s first professional diploma in ‘Digital Service Design’. His career also includes senior positions at Accenture Song, EY, and Riyad Bank, where he led transformative projects in digital strategy, customer experience, and service innovation. Hammad’s work is characterized by a human-centered approach, advocating for design-led strategies that drive growth and sustainability. His efforts have garnered recognition and awards, further solidifying his status as a leading figure in experience design. 

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